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Sex Slave of My Neighbor Aunt

All you lonely girls and women out there please mail your comments to me at In fact it was my first sex experience when I was in class X. I was staying in a multistoried apartment block in Kolkata and studying in one of the leading missionary schools there.
We used to have Thursday off and since both my parents were working I was left to my own devices. Our next door neighbours were the Sens, the husband – Mr. Alok Sen was a serious 42 year old banker and the wife – Rupa was a sexy, voluptuous 36 year old housewife. They had no children and used to treat me like their own son. My mother and Rupa aunty were extremely close and great friends.
Since I used to be left alone during my mid week break my mother had asked Rupa aunty to keep an eye on me. Being a typical horny 18 years old with raging hormones. I used to smuggle in porn magazines and wait for the time for my parents to leave for work and the maids to finish work and go so that I could snuggle into bed and jerk off while going through the porn stuff. Once the electricity had gone off and I was as usual lying down in bed and masturbating while reading a red hot sex magazine.
To my bad luck or shall we say good fortune – Rupa aunty had decided to check on me at that time and had tried ringing the bell a couple of times.
Since there was no power the bell did not go off and she decided to open the front door using the spare key she had to my flat. I was so engrossed in the magazine that I did not hear front door opening and Rupa auntie’s footsteps all of a sudden I heard a scream oiu maa what are u doing? I put the magazine down and I saw Rupa aunty standing there with her hands on her mouth and eyes wide with shock and surprise.
Imagine what a sight it would have been – me bare bodied with my shorts down to my ankles, my hand on my 8” inch long hard cock jerking off lying down in bed and Rupa aunty standing at the end of the bed and staring at me.
I quickly pulled up my shorts and sat up zapped. My hard cock had made a tent in my shorts which would have put any Circus tent to shame. I tried to cover my raging hard on with a pillow and managed to mumble amm sorry aunty”. Rupa aunty swooped down and took the magazine from my hand and went away saying that she is going to report the matter to my mom that evening. I sat completely dazed for about 5 minutes thinking of the repercussions when Rupa aunty shows the magazine to my mom.
I would be grounded good and proper for the rest of my student life. I put on my T-Shirt and went over to her flat to grovel in front of her and ask for forgiveness. I hesitatingly rang the bell and waited for Rupa aunty to open the door. After 3 excruciatingly long minutes Rupa opened the door and in a curt manner asked me to come inside. I followed her like a meek lamb to her bedroom.
She sat on bed and said”chee chee shameless boy why you come here?” I blurted out “aunty I’m sorry please do not tell my mother…please she then looked at me in a very different way and told me”okay I will not tell your mother but you will have to promise me one thing I told her that I was willing to promise anything that she asked me for to which she replied You will have to be my slave and follow all my orders being innocent I was expecting that she will ask me to help out with her household work but Rupa aunty had something else in mind. She then ordered take off your shorts and come in front of me now.
I first got confused and stood there in front of her like a frozen block of ice but soon got shaken out of my stupor she shouted again. I said now!
Slowly I took off my short and stood in front of her with just my t-shirt on. Out of fear my cock had shrunk she then took my flaccid cock in her soft hands and started to slowly rub it with a wicked smile on her face. I now understood what she wanted and my cock started to harden and was at its full 8” glory within a minute.
Rupa aunty was looking like a dream with her 38 inch tits covered in a black bra poking out from her transparent night gown and her sexy lacy g-string panty. Her long straight black hair, fair complexion, 40 inch hips and beautiful fish shaped eyes made me completely intoxicated and I started shivering in excitement. After shaking my cock she bends forward and licked off my precum from the tip of my cock. The sight of her long pink tongue flicking my cock head nearly made me pass out.
She then stood up and asked me to remove her clothes. I took off her clothes and my t-shirt in a jiffy. She then asked me to lie down on the floor, close my eyes and wait for her next move. I did as told and heard her going out of the room after a minute she came back in and stood on top with her legs on either side of my head and asked me to open my eyes. It was simply mind blowing to see her unshaven hairy pussy dripping with white sticky fluid and her fat fair thighs
She had a dog collar in her hand which she put around my neck and tightened till I was nearly choking she then held the leash with one hand and lowered her pussy on my face and asked me to lick like a thirsty dog I lapped at her pussy lips the strong musky aroma and the salty taste was making me go wild and I started pushing my tongue into her pink pussy and licking her insides.
I curled my tongue upwards and was soon licking her G-spot while I was feeling her enlarged clit with my fingertips she was moaning like crazy oofff maaa aaiiieee mmm lick me mooore aaaahhhh my entire face was coated with her cum and she squirted all over me in orgasmic delight.
She then bend down and took my long hard cock into her mouth and started going up and down completely wetting me with her saliva.I soon had my fill and came into her mouth she swallowed my cum and said..”Nikhil…aahhh you are so tasty. I love your sperm feed me more mmmm
After about 15 minutes of oral frenzy in which she had a couple orgasms she lay down beside me and we started smooching lovingly and tasted our saliva mixed with our cum then I slowly licked and kissed her all over her face neck earlobes, tits and took her long nipples into my mouth and sucked them real hard, then I went down licked her stomach, navel and started licking and sucking her pussy lips my cock had sprung up again she then caught my cock and guided me inside soon my entire cock was deep inside and we started a gentle rocking motion which reached a crescendo till we came together all this with a do collar around my neck and Rupa aunty moaning aaaahhhhm fuck me more, What Rupa did next surprised me and initiated me to the world of wild sex she got up and led me by the leash to the bathroom then she sat on the pot and asked me to kneel down in front of her and open my mouth
suddenly I was hit by a stream of hot pee on my face and she guided the stream into my mouth and asked me swallow the same at first the strong taste and smell seemed revolting by soon I got used to it and started enjoying the feeling of drinking her pee she then asked me to lie down on the bathroom floor and lowered her ass on my face and ordered me to clean her pussy and asshole with my tongue I did as told obediently and she then bent down.
And gave me a sexy blowjob we had many more wild sex sessions in which she made me drink her pee, lick her shit stained asshole etc. she even made me have sex and obey all her commands during her periods all this continued for a year till the time her husband got transferred abroad and they left the city. I am now in my mid 30s, married n working for a Multinational based at Bangalore and travel to all major cities in India on work. Mail me your comments at


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